Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rose Lace Case

So I didn't start this blog to showcase the things that I personally do, I started it more for showing the potential of artists, their trades/skills, and devoting it more toward the pieces and things THEY make when the skill is applied. Also I wanted to show the life of people that aren't content living the way society makes us all think we need to. Obviously something you can't just buy out of a catalog like the rest of mainstream society does, and carelessly and more importantly happily does. In saying that, I realized that what I had made for a loved one had stirred up a bit of interest, just as some of the other things I have mention in the past. So with out further ramblings I'll give you a gander of what I had just finished up not too long ago. The photos are shit, but never really do things like what I'm showing justice anyway...

For the birthday of a loved one, who happens to be a tattooist getting ready to embark on a road trip on a motorcycle, I figured I'd make 'em a small case to fit their tattoo machines, power supply, foot switch, etc. into and be able to strap to their bike and keep every thing safe. Now what I'd typically do, if I were back home and had the capabilities like I did to completely make something from scratch as I like to do, this case would have been made in a far more superior fashion. Not being able to do so had forced me to purchase a shit little box and concentrate more so on the upgrading and customizing of case itself and making it worthy of giving as a gift.

The box was a shit fire engine red, so the first thing to go was the outer paint scheme. I did a black undercoat, nothing too flash, with an ivory and gold rose lace overlay on the back, and a black and ivory rose lace on the top. Anyone who knows me knows I love doing a bit of lace paneling paint jobs, but this time it worked out exceptionally well as the case was for someone who has a bit of a weakness for roses. After laying some playing cards on the back and lacquering over the whole thing I moved onto the interior of the case.

The interior obviously needed to be as stout as the steel box but soft as well to keep everything in the best state. I went with a thick upholsterers type of packing instead of foam. Thick but a bit spongier than foam so the compression of the case being closed would keep things in place but allow a bit more absorption of shock. Then I wrapped the padding with a nice crushed red velvet and for the finishing touch I stitched in an engraved good luck charm for the best wishes of safe travels and prosperous work while on the road.

After the interior was all tidied up, the case was closed and the finishing touches were then added to the exterior. This included a symmetrical maroon and gold pinstripe design on the top (front) of the case and a black, gold and maroon a-symmetrical pinstripe design on the bottom (back) of the case. The final piece was a real thing of beauty to see in person, especially in the sunlight! Needless to say it was accepted well.
Front (Top)

Back (Bottom)

So sticking to the dedication of all things not bought out of a catalog, here's a look at another little something that just so happens to fit that bill. If you just so happen to be interested in having a little line-age applied to something of yours contact me at,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nasty Crafted Pocket Hide

Sometimes you just need a new wallet, especially when the one you have is some Chinese "leather" $10 job. I know, I know, you get what you pay for, you don't need to tell me. Here's the problem though, as I'm sure all you out there already know, you can't find a unique, quality wallet! You can look high and low but unless your willing to spend around £50-80/$70-100 you ain't goin' to find shit! Good, high quality, hand made products are worth their weight in gold and I have no problem paying for such top shelf goods, but my now old, shit, Chinese wallet and I can't afford to cough up the scratch that needs to be spent to pay for what my tastes desire...

My past follies of shit purchases aside, the decision was made to have a new wallet hand crafted. Upon spotting quite a unique, one off design, being carried by a friend, I decided what I wanted my wallet to roughly look like. Having a design in my head (and pictures on my phone) for a new pocket hide, and a shit wallet ready to be thrown the fuck out is great. But unless you have the tools and skill to make it all happen, you'll find yourself shit out of luck!! Obviously.

Well this is where it comes in handy to have a friend who just so happens to have the skills and the tools create things out of leather, when you don't possess them yourself. Here's the story, in pictures of the finished product, of my new hand made pocket hide. Thanks to my friend Dave over at Nasty Crafts, with the skills to shatter your existence! Here's to the imagination as well as to the pursuit of all things NOT bought out of a catalog.

If you want to enlist Dave of Nasty Crafts, nasty skills, here's a link for you to follow up with...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Holes in the Soles

A day spent fuckin around at the park...catalog free, the way to be, as always.
                          As the clouds rolled in, so did the boys.

The N16 session begins.

The weather continued to hold as the everyone continued to shred.
Punk rock blaring out of a battery charger powered Marshall amp and plenty of beer drinking accompanied.

Just another day, another session in another pool.
No bullshit, just beers, boards, and bombing on a Saturday afternoon.
It all finished up later at a bar up the road where the booze was far more plentiful
and the tunes were blasting as loud as ever.
Thanks to James for letting me use his Nikon D3.