Thursday, September 6, 2012

All Maine Points Lead to Maine

Alright, another quickie. You know the drill, more visuals, less words, I'm on the road, gotta get it when I can.

Some things take priority, like my Sharpie making things more "PC"
on the Blue Line.

$200 fine for feeding rock doves small
pieces of toast.

Chicago ended up being a fucking great time. So many good people and so many things to go and do and see. It's definitely become a main choice in where a shop might be set up in the future and with everything but the cigarettes and toll roads being cheap, I might just be able to wing it. Some final visuals from the final days in the "Land of Lincoln". Also go to the Green Mill if you're ever in town.

The Land Of Lincoln

Some handy work I did on the old Lux Deville hand bag.

Chuck the Barber's "new" money box, two blues from me to him.

But what does it mean?!!!
Members Only
Work by Alexandra Wilkey, thanks Red.

A farewell piece I lined up for Speakeasy Tattoo.
Thanks again,
support your local Jury Members!

The drinks you get 96 stories up aren't any better than the drinks you get anywhere else, lets be honest here shall we? You go there for the pure novelty and the fact that shit looks better from way the fuck up high. The Hancock Tower is well worth a trip, especially at night.  

From left to right, Trump and Sears Towers in the distance.

 Off to Cleveland we went after a great few weeks in Chi-Town. A fond but temporary goodbye.
 It was good to see some old friends that I hadn't seen in a very long time upon arrival. It's also nice when they take you to the best punk rock dive(not forgetting the good old Double Down) to wet your whistle.

A new piece for an old friend.

When you find yourself in Cleveland find a seat at Melt. Best gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches you've never had. Their cheese cake ain't too bad either
PS-Go to Happy Dogs as well.

It was that good

From a great few days in Cleveland to New York State we went. Niagara Falls was next on the to do list... 
Horseshoe Falls, spilling 600,000 gallons per second.

American Falls with Horseshoe Falls in the background.
Combined they drop 750,000 gallons a second over the edge.

Take the boat ride, it's pretty damn epic.

Next after Niagara was Maine, vacationland USA, and yes the sign not pictured really said so.

For those of you who haven't been logging the trip as I have, here's a few fun filled factoids...
OVER 5,100 miles traveled since Los Angeles
OVER 100 hours behind the wheel 
OVER 2 months on the road

Another fact,
Google Maps only allows you to X point of travel...
They just think of all the little jokes don't they.
They didn't account for Y Z and further like the road we're on...
Oh well, ain't done yet! 
Up and across

Ready to drop back down