Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Red Letter Days"

 So the steps to getting on the road and taking a trip across the great expanse('Merica) have finally started coming together. The first of the steps included getting the bikes. While my search continues for another BSA we were able to wrangle up this beauty for my girlfriend during the scanning of Jockey Journal among other forums and swap meets.
 1971 Triumph Trophy T100C, 500cc parallel twin, hard tail. The bike gets up and goes for a 500, which is probably thanks to Wes over at Four Aces. A Joe Hunt Mag keeps the fire roaring after the gas is sucked in through a vintage Amal carb. A vintage Wassell tank and rear fender keep the bike looking sharp but still minimalist showing off the .10 over bored 500cc engine.  Outside of the lack of front brake, which is going to change (though it looks better without), mechanically the bike is sound. She rides well and feels healthy like any old shaky Brit should.
 The modifications on the to do list are few as the bike doesn't need much to complete a more "finished" look. Paint on the tank and fender to match is one of those to be checked off. Maroon, black and gold will be the order of the day. More classic than flash, no flake, just gloss. To redirect the look from chopper-ish and gear it more toward late fifties/early sixties bobber, the oil tank will be replaced with a round unit instead of the current hexagon bag that sits below the seat. Next will be the bars. The narrowed friscos will be swapped for something a bit flatter, probably some track style bars. The next obvious step will be the exhaust. Chrome running from the head, down and back, to the end of the frame, with a slight up turn following the frame lines. Dual instead of two into one ending with cocktail shakers perhaps...still thinking. The other mod will come in with the addition of the front brake. Sitting on the side of the house is a 21'' anodized gold rim, internal brake hub, with a fresh Speedmaster front rubber ready to be slid on. Add a vintage tail-light of some description and a chrome sissy bar and she'll be all class.
 Here's one hell of a foundation to turn a few heads as she takes shape and transforms from the "Golden Trophy" she once was to the "Red Letter Days" she'll become! To the pursuit of all things not bought out of a catalog.